About Me

Janae D. McEwen

I love helping people achieve their goals. When faced with challenges we tend to look for extreme outcomes, but generally less is always more. So, once determined and focused we can begin to check off that forever growing to-do list, one item at a time. No need to try to do it all alone, just ASK BlueJae is here for you.

ASK BlueJae was born…

Like many virtual support agencies, ASK BlueJae comes from the corporate world with over 13 years of experience. I have worked for both the private sector in local hospitals and public sector working for the federal government and non-profit organizations. During my career I excelled in learning, using, and supporting various software applications and programs. Working with non-profit organizations I also developed a niche for completing grant applications and corporate filings. As technology has begun to evolve many of us are stretching ourselves thin trying to cover all of the areas as we grow our business. So, in 2016, ASK BlueJae was launched to help small business owners, entrepreneurs and organizations handle the daily tasks they were not able to complete for one reason or another. ASK BlueJae prides itself on being able to offer our clients simple and streamlined solutions with the objective that no task is too big or too small.

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